Our Leadership Team is carefully monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its fallout. Our utmost priority is the physical and emotional health of our students, faculty, staff and the broader community. Guidelines by Lagos State and National health officials have informed our plans to reopen while minimizing risk of students exposure under our care.

Visit The Quiver School

Prospective families are welcome to schedule a personal tour. For safety reasons, physical tours occur Saturday mornings between 8:30a.m and 10a.m and are by appointment only. Please read our visitor protocol before coming on campus. Vendors and other essential contractors should also read our visitor protocol.

School Resumption

Resumption date for the Summer Term for the 2021/2022 school year is April 25th, 2022 (here are some of our Post-Covid Resumption Guidelines). Click here to enroll or contact the school office should you wish to discuss a blended learning format.



Click the avatar below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to info@thequiverschool.com

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