Under normal circumstances The Quiver School welcomes visitors to our facility. The COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult time for all of us. Times have changed quickly and dramatically due to the virus. Safety is our number one priority, and we must do everything we can to prevent the spread of this disease and protect our precious ones and staff.  To minimize risk, our new Visitor Protocol puts strong limits on visitors entering our school during this pandemic.

Visitor Protocol:

  1. Visitors must make an appointment to visit the school. Please contact the School Office via 08099994283.
  2. Complete the online Health Screening Form 24-hours prior to the visit.
  3. Visitors must arrive at the agreed time (please contact the office if you are unable to do this).
  4. Arrive wearing a mask. Bandanas and handkerchiefs are not acceptable. Read our Mask and Face Shields Protocols.
  5. Submit to a temperature check.
  6. Sanitize hands at the gate.
  7. Wash hands upon admittance before entering reception hall.
  8. Record your arrival at the reception in the school’s visitor management register.
  9. Comply with social distancing norms.
  10. Follow any one-way pedestrian systems that are in place.
  11. Maintain hand hygiene by using hand sanitizer provided at various points in the school, and washing hands after visiting the toilet and at regular intervals.
  12. Observe any rooms restricted to visitors.
  13. Items should not be shared during the visit if possible.
  14. Minimise any touching of school fixtures, fittings and other contents.

Approved visitors must enter campus through the reception hall and exit through the alternative door via the playground.  All visitors will be accompanied by a staff of The Quiver School. Please note adjustments to the COVID-19 Visitor Policy may be adjusted throughout the year based on our experience with it and regulatory update. 

In the event of the fire alarm activation, the evacuation will be undertaken as normal, with the exception that there will be social distancing at the assembly point.

Parent Volunteers and Visits: 

The Quiver Schoolwelcomes our parent volunteers. Parent support is a critical component of our community engagement and partnership. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, The Quiver Schoolwill limit parent volunteer activities and limit parent visitation during the school day until further notice. Regular volunteers who work with Helping Hands and Precious Readers will be permitted in the building but will be required to follow the Visitor Protocol.

At times, we know parents may need to drop off an item for their child during the school day.  If this situation arises, we will require parents to check in with the security guard in the school gate to leave the items.  

Students are discouraged to leave campus for appointments during the school day:

Doctor appointments and other off campus appointments are encouraged to be scheduled outside the school day when possible.

Parents of students who must leave for an off-campus appointment will be required to follow this process: Parent will sign in/out at the Reception Hall. The student will be taken to the Reception Hall to meet their parent.

All students returning to campus after an appointment will be required to sign in again, have their temperature checked, and wash their hands before proceeding back to the classroom. 

Substitute Teachers, Club Teachers, Tutors/Intervention Specialists:

All Substitute Teachers, Club Teachers, Intervention Specialists and other specialists who work with students on a regular basis will be required to follow the Visitor Protocol.  

Parent Meetings/Conferences:

All parent meetings including Monthly Parents Breakfast, Parent Ambassadors, Parent Advancement Network, Back to School Nights, and Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled virtually until further notice. 

Enquiries/Admission Visitors:

Prospective students and parents must follow the Visitor Protocol.

Special Events:

The Quiver Schoolwill record and or live stream special events for parents to view. Please note, the school calendar will be updated with additional information.



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